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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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Tribal Consultation Resources

Annual Reports

FY 2013 California Area IHS Annual Report (PDF 26MB**BIG FILE. MAY TAKE A WHILE TO LOAD**
FY 2012 California Area IHS Annual Report (PDF)
FY 2011 California Area IHS Annual Report (PDF) **BIG FILE. MAY TAKE A WHILE TO LOAD**
FY 2010 California Area IHS Annual Report (PDF) **BIG FILE. MAY TAKE A WHILE TO LOAD**
FY 2009 California Area IHS Annual Report (PDF)

Budget Formulation

Overview of FY 2014 Budget Formulation (PDF)
Linking Budget Priorities to Performance Measures, Monday, December 15, 2014

Overview of FY 2013 Budget Formulation (PDF)
The budget formulation meeting held on 
Friday, December 13, 2013 for FY 2016.

Overview of FY 2012 Budget Formulation (PDF)
The slide set from Friday, Sept. 9, 2011, WebEx to tribal leaders on the budget formulation process.

CATAC (Cal. Area Tribal Advisory Committee) Meeting Presentations

JUNE 9-10, 2015

A Look At 2015 Drought Conditions - Brafford (PDF)
Hepatitis C Program Development and Implementation - Magruder (PDF)
State of California, Office of the Governor, Governor's Tribal Advisor - Gomez (PDF)
YRTC (Youth Regional Treatment Centers) Briefing - Frazier, Ball (PDF)

Links and Resources

25 CFR Part 900 (link to IHS PDF)
Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act Amendments; Final Rule

A history of American Indians in California: pre-1769 to 1980's Exit Disclaimer – You Are Leaving 
The National Park Service provides an informative commentary on events, procedures, laws, and situations that confronted and greatly affected California Indians and their ability to survive once Europeans arrived.

List of federally-recognized tribes in California - September 25, 2013

Renewal Application for MediCal Specialty MH Services (Feb. 5, 2009) (PDF)
Letter from State of California, HHS, DHCS to California Area IHS Director


Department of Health and Human Services, Tribal Consultation Policy (PDF)

Indian Health Service, Tribal Consultation Policy (PDF)
California Area IHS Circular No. 2002-02, Tribal Consultation (PDF)

California Area IHS Circular No. 2004-01, Cal. Area Reps to National IHS and HHS Workarounds
        Exhibit A to Circular No. 2004-01 (PDF)
California Area IHS Circular No. 2004-02, Cal. Area Tribal Adivsory Committee (PDF)


Available for download or viewing: the Environmental Assessment Report on the property for the proposed southern Youth Regional Treatment Centers. The public comment period for the southern report is closed. To obtain the appendices to the southern report, please call Gary Ball at 916-930-3927, extension 342, or email your request to Please check back here for updates.