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Environmental Health Support Center Training
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Classes & Registration

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    List of Classes
    Basic Surveying  SFC  8/24/15-8/27/15  Albuquerque, NM  Registration begins 5/24/15 
    Cross Connection Control  O&M  2/10/15-2/12/15  Bethel, AK  Registration begins 11/10/14 
    Electrical Controls  O&M  5/5/15-5/7/15  Pierre, SD  Registration begins 2/5/15 
    Electrical Controls  O&M  1/13/15-1/15/15  Nome, AK  Registration open  
    Intermediate Injury Prevention  IP  12/9/14-12/11/14  Sacramento, California  Registration open  
    Lift Station Operations  O&M  4/7/15-4/9/15  Chandler, AZ  Registration begins 1/7/15 
    Onsite Wastewater  SFC  2/9/15-2/12/15  Albuquerque, NM  Registration begins 11/9/14 
    Water Distribution  O&M  3/24/15-3/26/15  Reno, NV  Registration begins 12/24/14 
    Water Distribution  O&M  4/21/15-4/23/15  Billings, MT  Registration begins 1/21/15 
    Water Distribution  O&M  10/21/14-10/23/14  Lac Du Flambeau, WI  Registration open  
    Ground Water and Well Drilling  SFC  4/14/15-4/16/15  Albuquerque, NM  Registration begins 1/14/15 
    Group Facilitation Methods  EM,EHS  1/13/15-1/14/15  Tucson, AZ  Registration open  
    Construction Inspection  SFC  3/10/15-3/12/15  Oklahoma City, OK  Registration begins 12/10/14 
    Introduction to Injury Prevention  IP,EHS  2/3/15-2/6/15  Tucson, AZ  Registration begins 11/3/14 
    Competent Person in Construction  SFC  12/15/14-12/16/14  Anchorage, AK  Registration open  
    Healthcare Safety Accreditation  FAC,IEH  1/21/15-1/23/15  Albuquerque, NM  Registration begins 10/21/14 
    Introduction to GPS and Total Station Surveying  SFC  2/23/15-2/26/15  Albuquerque, Nm  Registration begins 11/23/14 
    Advanced Controls and Troubleshooting for Operators   O&M  7/21/15-7/23/15  Albuquerque, NM  Registration begins 4/21/15 
    Advanced Controls and Troubleshooting for Operators   O&M  11/4/14-11/6/14  Hopland, CA  Registration open  
    AutoCAD Civil 3D - Fundamentals  SFC  11/3/14-11/6/14  Sacramento, CA  Registration open  
    Fundamentals of Drinking Water Treatment  O&M,SFC  6/15/15-6/17/15  Madison, WI  Registration begins 3/15/15 
    Water Filtration Plant Operation  O&M,SFC  5/5/15-5/7/15  Grand Rapids, MN  Registration begins 2/5/15 
    BOC Level I - Class 1 Energy Efficient Operations of Building HVAC System  FAC  11/4/14-11/5/14  Phoenix, AZ  Registration open  
    BOC Level I - Class 1 Energy Efficient Operations of Building HVAC System  FAC  10/7/14-10/28/14  Portland, OR  Registration open  
    BOC Level I - Class 1 Energy Efficient Operations of Building HVAC System  FAC  11/4/14-11/5/14  Coeur dAlene, ID  Cancelled