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Special General Memorandum 86-1

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SGM 86-1

OCT 4, 1985

From: Acting Director
Indian Health Service

Subject: Special General Memorandums

To: All Area/Program Directors

The Indian Health Service (IHS) has instituted a new identification procedure for Headquarter's initiated memorandums which are to be classified as "Special General Memorandums" (SGM).  Such correspondence will usually include directives on those items where subject material identifies, interprets, designates and/or reiterates policy or policy related matters and to which special attention must be given.

Each SGM will be designated with a unique identification number located in the upper right corner of the page.  The unique number will consist of the abbreviation SGM followed by fiscal year and numerical sequence, ex. SGM 86-l.

In addition, the Headquarter's office that initiated the memorandum, ex. OD/PRS, will be typed flush with the left margin, two lines below the last line of the signature.

Area/Program Offices are expected to retain copies of all SGM's in sequence for ready reference.

If there are any questions on the above, please call Dr. G. Verrone at 443-1083.

/for G. H. Ivey/
G. H. Ivey


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