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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Winnebago Service Unit


Greetings from the Winnebago Indian Health Service!

Hospital foyer The Winnebago Comprehensive Health Care Facility is part of a health care system promised through treaties with the United States Government and the Indian Tribes of the United States. It was promised, in exchange for, the vast amounts of land that belonged to Indian Tribes. What the treaties set forth was basically a system of pre-paid health care benefits for the Indian people of this country. The goal of the Winnebago Comprehensive Health Care Facility is to meet the promises of those treaties and provide the highest quality of care possible to the patients that we serve.

Interestingly, while the provision of health care to the Indian people, by the United States Government, has evolved to a vast and complex health care system, many of the same problems that were faced in the late 1800's are still in existence. The problems range from chronic and communicable diseases and early mortality to high physician-patient ratios. Other problems include funding and aging physical structures in which to serve patients. Major conditions facing this population include diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, substance abuse and preventable injuries.

The Winnebago Comprehensive Health Care facility is one of the newer facilities in I.H.S. It is a beautiful facility with dedicated staff. The relationship with the Tribal Health programs is close, thus creating an environment which fosters a "system of care" between the hospital staff and the community. Both I.H.S. and the Tribe continuously strive to be innovative and creative in the way that care is provided to the patient population. There is an understanding of the concept that with out good health, other rights have little meaning. The lack of good health affects the individual physically, mentally and spiritually. It has prime bearing on an individual's ability to benefit from the economics of their society, their ability to interact with their family and, in general, their overall capacity for quality of life. We want to strive to assure our patients have good health so they live a life of quality and learn those habits to pass on to future generations.

With that we invite you to become a part of one of the historic missions of this Country,…that of providing health care to Indian people. It is a mission that will bring you personal and professional satisfaction and allow you to be a part of providing and improving the health of the patients that are served by the Winnebago Indian Health Service.

Kathey Wilson, MHL
Acting CEO

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