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Who can I call for Resource & Patient Management System (RPMS) & Network assistance?

An end user at a Tribal or Urban health program should always contact their local IT support center / RPMS Site Manager first. Then if more assistance is needed, local IT or Site Manager should contact the IT Staff at the California Area IHS (CAIHS) at (916) 930-3981 Ext. 353. If support is needed beyond what the California IT staff can provide, they will submit a trouble ticket with the Albuquerque OIT (Office of Information Technology) helpdesk.

When requesting assistance via email, please provide as much information as possible:

If RPMS related:

  • which option(s) you were using when the problem occurred
  • name of user having the problem and their contact information
  • brief description of the problem you're having>
  • screen shot of the problem

If WEB related:

  • Inaccessible web site URL (aka Internet address) and section
  • brief description of the problem you're having

Who at my healthcare organization should be doing the monthly RPMS exports on our database?

It is the health programs responsibility to complete any RPMS exports by the 25th of every month. The responsible person performing this task varies from organization to organization. Some sites assign the task of exporting data to the respective responsible party for such RPMS packages. The Site Manager would coordinate this effort on a monthly basis.

For example: The Immunization coordinator will export the data from the Immunization package; the Data Entry clerk or supervisor will export the data from the Patient Care Component (PCC) package; the Behavioral Health professional will export their own data from the Behavioral Health package; the Contract Health Service (CHS) coordinator will export the data from the CHS package; and the Dental Assistant will export data from the Dental Package.

Another possibility is to assign this task to one person to export ALL RPMS data at the same time. This one person could be the RPMS Site Manager, the Clinic Manager, IT personnel or other health professional that's capable and willing to take on this responsibility.

In the event the healthcare organization does not have someone who can perform this task, the health program staff should let our office know that there is no-one at the site who can perform these tasks and that they'd like our IRM staff to perform the exports until someone from the health program can be assigned this responsibility. 

When are the monthly RPMS exports due to the California Area office?

Each health program should complete all their RPMS exports on or before the 25th of every month.

How do we set up a network printer to be utilized within the RPMS system?

First, setup the printer on your local area network (LAN). Once that is set up on your LAN and you can send a test print job from a networked PC, send an email message to the CAO Helpdesk with the following information:

  • IP Address of the printer
  • Printer make & model
    Generally includes facilities 3 letter abbreviation at the beginning of this name,
    Example: CAO3PB for California Area Office Third Party Billing
  • Whether the printer has it's own network port directly on the printer or the printer hooks up to a print server via parallel cable
Our IT staff will create a queue on the RPMS server as well as create a DEVICE in the RPMS database with the information provided in this email message. Once completed our staff will inform the requesting person that the print queue & DEVICE have been created and is ready for use. 

We have a new employee in our organization that requires training in the RPMS system. Where can I find a schedule of RPMS training events?

The California Area Office provides training on RPMS packages about 6 to 20 times a year. A schedule of these classes can be found on our Training page:

The IHS National Programs provides a number of RPMS related training session's through-out the United States and provide for different formats: Onsite, Webex, or combination of the two. They post their schedules online:


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