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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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Dallas Office

Division of Engineering Services - Dallas
1301 Young Street, Room 1071
Dallas TX 75202
Phone: 214-767-3491

Director's Office

Staff MemberTitlePhone
Tommy Bowman, RA Director (Architect) 214-767-0423
Barbara Tulloch Administrative Officer 214-767-3493

Project Management / Technical Support Branch

Staff MemberTitlePhone
Howard Wellspring, PE Branch Chief (Civil) 214-767-5197
Carolyn Jones Secretary 214-767-3518
James Aberle, RA Architect 214-767-4246
Bruce Kemmet, PE Civil 214-767-8368
Dwight Packer, RA Architect 214-767-3226
Shad Schoppert, PE Civil 214-767-1322
Samuel Vega-Cotto, PE Electrical 214-767-8588
Wade Candor IT Specialist 214-767-8675
Jake Davis IT Specialist 214-767-8675

Acquisitions Management Branch

Staff MemberTitlePhone
Ken Truesdale Branch Chief 214-767-3934
Sharon Dehnert Contract Specialist 214-767-8589
Daniel Finley Contract Specialist 214-767-5255
Jenny Scroggins Contract Specialist 214-789-8164
Trina McBride Realty Specialist 214-767-3999
Brian Narducci Realty Officer 214-767-1114
Robin Red Tomahawk Contract Specialist Trainee 214-767-6613
Tia Simmons Contract Clerk II 214-767-6613