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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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Seattle Office

Division of Engineering Services - Seattle
701 Fifth Ave, Suite 1600, MS-24
Seattle WA 98104

Director's Office

Staff Member Title Phone
Michael Weaver PE (Director) 206-615-2460
Georgia Bocan-Peterson Administrative Officer 206-615-2471
Michael Young PE (Acting IT Admin) 206-615-2489

Project Management Branch

Staff Member Title Phone
Michael Weaver PE (Acting Branch Chief/ Civil) 206-615-2460
John Bausch PE (Mechanical) 206-615-2490
Paul Geisert PE (Civil/Environmental) 206-615-3795
Henry Hardnett FAIA (Architect) 206-615-2049

Technical Support Branch

Staff Member Title Phone
Joseph Bermes RA (Branch Chief/ Architect) 206-615-2451
Stephen Christopher PE (Mechanical) 206-615-2465
Guibin Lu PE (Structural) 206-615-2459
Paul Ninomura PE (Mechanical) 206-615-2095
Michael Young PE, (Civil) 206-615-2489

Acquisitions Management Branch

Staff Member Title Phone
Paul Reed Branch Chief/ Sr. Cont. Officer 206-615-2504
Stewart Jones Realty Officer 206-615-2045
Casey LaFran Contract Specialist 206-615-2462
Bill Standley Contract Specialist 206-374-7302
Jane Stuessy Contract Specialist 206-615-2533
Monica Weaver Contract Specialist 206-615-3794