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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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Selecting CQMs: Things to Consider

Listed below are a few questions for EPs/EHs to consider when determining which CQMs to use for the reporting period.

Existing Quality Improvement Efforts

Is the practice currently making any quality improvement efforts that may be related to any of the clinical concepts addressed by the CQMs?

Patient Population

Are any of the demographics or conditions prevalent in the practice related to the denominator population for any of the CQMs?

Product Certification

Beginning in 2014, any EH/EP beyond Stage 1, Year 1, of MU must use certified EHR technology to submit their CQMs. (CQM data for Stage 1, Year 1, can be submitted via attestation.) Check with the EHR vendor to determine which measures their product is certified to submit. For example, is the EHR certified to:

  • Capture and export?
  • Submit electronically?
  • Import and calculate?
  • Submit QRDA-1 (patient level) and/or QRDA-3 (aggregate) data?

Program Overlap

Is the EP/EH participating in any other programs, such as PQRS, that may allow the same data to be used for each program? See Relationship of MU to Other Programs.