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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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MU Monthly Newsletter

MU Newsletter Keep current with the latest MU news. To suggest a specific topic or to submit an article for an upcoming issue, contact


February [PDF - 124 KB] - EP Attestation Deadline; RPMS Certification; Stage 2 Radiology Requirements
January [PDF - 240 KB] - EP Registration and Attestation Deadlines; RPMS DIRECT Messaging; PHR Quiz; PHR Next Steps


December [PDF - 203 KB] - Syndromic Surveillance, Specialized Registries, 2014 Deadlines, RPMS Certification and Testing
November [PDF - 113 KB] - PHR; VistA Imaging
October [PDF - 108 KB] - EHR Hospital Reporting and Attestation; MU Website Updated; National MU Team Members
August [PDF - 108 KB] - BCMA; Risk Analysis
July [PDF - 146 KB] - Immunization Registries and Syndromic Surveillance; Ensemble 2012
June [PDF - 108 KB] - New Patch (APCM v1.0 p2) Available; Problem Lists; eRX
May [PDF - 280 KB] - CQMs; 2014 Certification Progress; Preparing for Stage 2; iCare
April [PDF - 136 KB] - Stage 1, 2013 Changes; PHR; HIE; 2014 Certification Progress; National MU Team Members