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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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Clinical Quality Measures

Clinical quality measures, or CQMs, help track the quality of healthcare services provided by EPs and EHs. Based on a variety of data, CQMs measure many aspects of patient care such as health outcomes, clinical processes, patient safety, efficient use of healthcare resources, care coordination, patient engagements, population and public health, and clinical guidelines. Tracking and reporting these CQMs helps ensure that health care services are effective, efficient, and patient-centered.

As one of the core objectives in 2011 and 2012, EPs and EHs were required to attest that they planned to report on CQMs in order to receive an EHR incentive payment. Beginning in 2013, however, CMS removed CQM reporting as a standalone requirement. Note, however, that EPs and EHs are still required to report on clinical quality measures in order to achieve meaningful use.

Beginning in 2014, all providers, regardless of whether they are in Stage 1 or Stage 2, will be required to report on the list of CQMs in the CMS Stage 2 Final Rule Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving In addition, all EPs and EHs beyond their first year of MU will be required to submit their CQMs electronically (those EPs and EHs in their first year may submit as part of their attestation). All EPs and EHs will need to verify with their SMHPs regarding the specific format required. More information about electronic reporting is available on the Electronic Reporting Specification page Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving of the CMS website.

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