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Stop Teenage Addiction to Tobacco

Program Type: Evidence Based Practice - Programs formally evaluated to be effective, sometimes called "Best Practices", that can be replicated and implemented, even with modifications in other settings

The S.T.A.T. initiative is an environmental campaign to enforce laws against tobacco use by minors and to stimulate communities to implement other strategies such as banning vending machines or installing lockout devices on vending machines to curtail youth access to tobacco. Where traditional youth smoking prevention initiatives have focused on reducing the demand or desire for tobacco among youth, the S.T.A.T. effort focuses on cutting off the supply of tobacco to minors. The town of Woodridge, Illinois, was the first in the Nation to put a tough enforcement program in place. The aim of the program was to convince merchants to obey the law by refusing to sell tobacco to minors. As a result of this enforcement program, Woodridge’s rate of tobacco use among teenagers was reduced by half.

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Tobacco Use

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Name: Judy Sopenski
Site or Location Name: Stop Teenage Addiction to Tobacco (S.T.A.T.) (policy enforcement)
529 South 7th Street, Suite 570
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Phone: (800) 328-0417