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Assessing Colorectal Cancer Screening Knowledge at Tribal Fairs

Program Type: Promising Practice -Programs not formally evaluated (or formal evaluation is not yet complete) but identified by experts as programs with results suggesting efficacy and worthy of further study in broader pilot implementation efforts.

Colorectal Cancer [CRC] is one of the top causes of death for American Indians. Even though they experience fewer overall cases than non-Hispanic whites, American Indians are less likely to be diagnosed with CRC at an early stage. In order to assess knowledge of CRC risk, prevention, and screenings among American Indians, surveys were conducted at two Navajo tribal fairs. When compared to national trends, the outcome of this survey, primarily of adults living on the Navajo reservation, allowed researchers to draw conclusions on the broader implications of CRC awareness for the American Indian community. The survey results pointed to a strong relationship between education and colorectal cancer awareness. Adults with a high-school education or higher were twice as likely to be aware of CRC than those without. Subsequently, those who were aware of it also tended to be aware of the risks associated with it and had undergone screening. Not only was there a disparity between more educated and less educated individuals, there was a knowledge disparity between men and woman. Along with education and gender, the study points to spoken language [Navajo/English] and health status as elements with a relationship to CRC awareness and screening among American Indians, particularly those of the Navajo Nation.

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