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Community Guide's systematic review of effective population based interventions - Physical Activity

Program Type: Evidence Based Practice - Programs formally evaluated to be effective, sometimes called "Best Practices", that can be replicated and implemented, even with modifications in other settings

The community guide lists interventions that are either "strongly recommended" or "recommended" by the Task Force. The Community Guide's systematic review of the effectiveness of selected population based interventions designed to increase levels of physical activity focused on interventions in three areas:

Interventions that were recommended or strongly recommended included - two informational approaches:

Age Group(s):
Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly

Site Type(s):
Community, Clinic/Health Center, School

Health Indicator(s):
Physical Activity , Cardiovascular Disease , Diabetes , Mental Health

Service Area:



Name: Brad Myers
Site or Location Name: CDC - Community Guide to Preventive Services/Physical Activity Recommendations

Phone: 4044986287