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NWHIC has partnered with La Leche League International to train our Information Specialists so they can help you with common breastfeeding issues such as nursing positions, questions about pumping and storage, and provide you with the support moms and dads need to make breastfeeding a success. The Helpline [which operates in both English and Spanish] can also provide tips for working moms who would like to continue breastfeeding, and offer suggestions for financial support. The Helpline is open to nursing mothers as well as their partners, families, prospective parents, health professionals and institutions seeking to better educate new mothers about the benefits of breastfeeding. Please note that the Helpline is an information and referral service only and we cannot provide a medical diagnosis, or answer medical questions. All medical questions should be directed to a healthcare provider.

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Maternal Child Health

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Site or Location Name: Method: breastfeedingOffice of Womans Health Breastfeeding Hotline

Phone: [800] 994-9662