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Sonoma County Indian Health Project, Inc.

Program Type: Local Effort - Programs and/or activities that have not been evaluated but are identified by local programs as producing positive results.

Sonoma County Indian Health Project, Inc. (SCIHP) was established in 1971 by a group of visionary leaders from the Indian communities of Sonoma County. Their goals were to have a health center which would afford easy access to high quality care for all Indians of Sonoma County, and to provide such services in a manner which is sensitive to the culture and traditions of the local Indian people. Some of the programs specific for Native Elders are: Nutrition, and Community Health Services. They currently provide medical, dental, nutritional, and behavioral health services. Supportive services include a full-service pharmacy, health education, and community health/outreach services. SCIHP is established as a tribal organization under provisions of the Indian Self-Determination & Education Act, and as such, performs the functions of the Indian Health Service throughout their assigned area. SCIHP’s medical staff consists of three full-time physicians, a part-time consulting physician, Family Nurse Practitioner, nursing staff, and a Podiatrist. The dental staff consists of two full-time dentists, a part-time dentist, and a part-time orthodontist. The Behavioral Health staff is comprised of a Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor, a Clinical Psychologist, two Social workers, and an Alcohol/Substance Abuse Counselor. SCHIP’s nutrition program staff consists of two Dietitians, a Nutrition Site Manager, a Senior Nutrition Aide, and a Senior Nutrition Cook, as well as a transportation specialist. The Community Health Services provide a wide range of outreach services to the Indian Community: hospital and nursing home visitations, home health care services, immunization follow-up visits, special care for the chronically ill, assistance with entitlement programs, case finding, communicable disease follow-up, community injury control, patient education, environmental health services, and limited transportation services for the elderly, and/or disabled.

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Healthcare Access , Nutrition

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Name: Molin Malicay
Site or Location Name: Sonoma County Indian Health Project, Inc.
144 Stony Point Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Phone: (707) 521-4545