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Program Type: Resources - Information or materials that might help develop a program/project in a community but can not be defined as a Best Practice, Promising Practice, or Local Effort.

The primary goal of this prevention approach is to decrease child and adolescent exposure to tobacco promotion and pro-tobacco influences. Activities: (1) Provide media advocacy and the threat of adverse publicity through protesting events sponsored by the tobacco industry (2) Assist event promoters by providing alternative, nontobacco funding (3) Develop policies that ban tobacco industry sponsorship of sporting and cultural events (4) Promote tobacco-free events (5) Develop tobacco-free messages and embed them in sports education (6) Advertise tobacco-free events (7) Include tobacco-free messages in the event’s promotional materials.

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Site or Location Name: Restriction of Advertising and Promotion of Tobacco (Media)

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Phone: (800) 729-6686