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Challenging College Alcohol Abuse

Program Type: Resources - Information or materials that might help develop a program/project in a community but can not be defined as a Best Practice, Promising Practice, or Local Effort.

Challenging College Alcohol Abuse (CCAA) is a social norms and environmental management program that reduces high risk drinking and related negative consequences in college students (18 to 24 years old). Under CCAA, the campus health services uses new and innovative methods to communicate public health information to students, the campus community, and the surrounding community to: 1) Correct misperceptions, increase knowledge, and change attitudes about alcohol and drug use behaviors among undergraduate students. 2) Change policies and practices related to alcohol and drug use and abuse among campus fraternity and sorority chapters. 3) Change faculty, administration, parental, community, and policymaker perceptions to prevent perpetuation of alcohol and drug myths. 4) Increase restrictions on alcohol availability and monitor on and off campus distribution and consumption. CCAA fosters development of policies that establish and maintain a healthy and safe environment for all students. It also seeks to develop community and civic partnerships and collaborations in support of campus alcohol and drug policies, and State and local laws.

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Excessive Alcohol Consumption

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Name: Koreen Johannessen
Site or Location Name: Challenging College Alcohol Abuse (CCAA)
Campus Health Service, Unversity of Arizona, P.O Box 21002, Old Main 200W
Tucson, AZ 85721
Phone: (520) 571-7849