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Incredible Years Programs

Program Type: Resources - Information or materials that might help develop a program/project in a community but can not be defined as a Best Practice, Promising Practice, or Local Effort.

The incredible Years series features three comprehensive, multi-faceted, and developmentally based curricula for parents, teachers, and children. The program is designed to promote emotional and social competence and to prevent, reduce, and treat behavioral and emotional problems in young children 2 to 8 years old. As well as young children with high rates of aggressive behavioral problems substance abuse problems, children involved with deviant peer groups, who drop out of school, and engage in delinquency and violence. Ultimate the aim of the teacher, parent, and child training programs is to prevent and reduce the occurrence of aggressive and oppositional behavior, thus reducing the chance of developing later delinquent behaviors. Incredible Years addresses multiple risk factors known to be related to the development of disorders in children in both school and home. In all three training programs, trained facilitators use videotaped scenes to structure the content and stimulate group discussion and problem solving.

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Maternal Child Health

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Name: Carolyn Webster-Stratton, Ph.D.
Site or Location Name: Incredible Years
Incredible Years, 1411 8th Avenue West
Seattle, WA 98119
Phone: (206) 285-7565