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Protecting You/Protecting Me

Program Type: Resources - Information or materials that might help develop a program/project in a community but can not be defined as a Best Practice, Promising Practice, or Local Effort.

Protecting You/Protecting Me (PY/PM) is a 5-year, classroom based alcohol use prevention curriculum for elementary students in grades one though five (6 to 11 years old). Designed to reduce alcohol related injury and death in youth, PY/PM: 1) In prove to change children’s' knowledge about their brains and personal development 2) Increase children’s' intentions not to ride with an impaired driver 3) Improves children’s' vehicle safety skills: their ability to protect themselves when they have no option but to ride with an adult who is not alcohol free. Because the program is delivered in elementary school, it reaches children before they have fully formed their attitudes toward alcohol. The curriculum: 1) Incorporates the latest research on human brain development 2) Focuses on the immediate risks of using alcohol before age 21, and 4) Includes parental involvement activities. The program can be taught by trained high school students, as well as by teachers, with high school student teachers deriving short term outcomes including reduced alcohol use and increased perceptions of the risks of underage alcohol use.

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Excessive Alcohol Consumption

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Name: Kappie Bliss, M.Ed., LPC
Site or Location Name: Protecting You/Protecting Me
Elementary Programs Mothers Against Drunk Driving, 611 South Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78704
Austin, TX 78704
Phone: (512) 693-9422