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Center for Fitness Wellness Scholarship to Increase Physical Activity

Program Type: Local Effort - Programs and/or activities that have not been evaluated but are identified by local programs as producing positive results.

The Center for Fitness has implemented a Wellness Scholarship in hopes of reaching potential members that have limited financial capabilities, but by also allowing these members to take a vested financial interest in their membership. Through this scholarship we aim to educate on the importance of combining fitness and nutrition to our communities’ wellness goals. We aim to continually stress how important exercise combined with nutrition are the lock and key to managing the demands of life and the curves it throws at you. We hope our program will meet the needs of our community in addressing that fitness, wellness and exercise is necessary across the lifespan. Our objectives are to combine fitness and nutrition by using a vested financial interest plan for members to reach their wellness goals. Our methods include a 2-week registration period for new membership. Upon registration new members will be given both a nutrition in-take assessment and a fitness assessment. The nutrition component will comprise of a Tanita body composition and weight assessment, 24-hour recall, diet and nutrition history, discussion of patients goals, and meal planning. The fitness assessment will consist of blood pressure testing, bicep strength, sit and reach, cardiovascular test using a 3-minute step test, girth measurements and a skin fold caliper test using by testing 3 sites. All of these scores will be used as each member’s baseline scores to address areas to improve in or made modifications in. Our strategies include holding our members accountable to their goals. Guidelines for participation include: Exercise a minimum of 12 times per month. Each exercise session should be a minimum of 30 minutes each. During each visit members will sign in and sign out on a designated log-book for tracking. Every 3 month at a minimum they will receive a follow-up fitness assessment. Each month members will meet with the Dietitian 2 times per month to discuss nutrition goals and outcomes. Upon completion of each month: Each member will be evaluated on meeting the program guidelines. If all criteria are met, one of 2 possibilities could occur: $15 is returned back to the member in the form of cash back. Or $15 is credited to their next months’ membership to continue with the program When setting goals with the member it will be collaboration between the member and the staff (either the exercise physiologist or dietitian). All goals will be reasonable and measurable. During the 2-week window of sign-up we will have a nutrition/ fitness handout of the month that the member can take home with them on a variety of topics to be determined by the staff member.

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Physical Activity

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Name: Eva M. Flying, Manager/Director
Site or Location Name: Lac du Flambeau Center for Fitness
P.O. Box 700
Lac du Flambeau, WI 54538
Phone: (715) 588-4352