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Navajo WIC Nutrition Program

Program Type: Local Effort - Programs and/or activities that have not been evaluated but are identified by local programs as producing positive results.

The Navajo WIC Nutrition Program instigated a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program in July 2005. The Breastfeeding Peer Counselors (BFPCs) counsel WIC pregnant and breastfeeding women. They support women in all aspects of breastfeeding: education, encouragement, breastfeeding management, etc. Currently, there are two BFPCs at Ft. Defiance WIC (began in July 2005) and one at Winslow Indian Health Care hospital (began in March 2007). We hope to have four more BFPCs in FY 2008. The Navajo WIC Nutrition Program collaborates with IHS and 638 facilities in the areas where there are BFPCs. We have already seen that Ft. Defiance WIC has the highest breastfeeding rate of all the Navajo WIC Nutrition Program clinics. The BFPC Program is based on extensive research done by USDA. The BFPCs are trained using the Loving Support Curriculum before they do any counseling with pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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Maternal Child Health

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Name: Roberta Duncan, MPH, RD, Breastfeeding Coordinator
Site or Location Name: Navajo WIC Nutrition Program
P.O. Drawer 1390, Navajo Division of Health
Window Rock, AZ 86515
Phone: (928) 871-6553