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Social Media Engagement & Live Internet Streaming

Program Type: Resources - Information or materials that might help develop a program/project in a community but can not be defined as a Best Practice, Promising Practice, or Local Effort.

American Indian Health & Family Services recently held a social celebration in honor of the winter solstice with family, food, arts, & music. In order to increase awareness of services and general community outreach, we’ve incorporated social media into our efforts. Since the solstice generally has a huge turn out with the community, we posted links to our social media websites & live streamed the event with a stationary camera detailing the event visually through internet technologies for those who could not make it or were distanced. It also encouraged interaction with our social media tools using facebook, twitter, and Ustream for the live feed. A projector was used to display the links to our social media websites & the agency website. Live updates about the event were posted from Ustream. We linked the social media websites so one update from Ustream within the interface was able to connect to twitter & facebook providing one swift post instead of multiple updates from each interface. Some staff & community members helped with photos and posted them with links, tags, & mentions commenting on the event live as we went through out the event. The presentation provided information creatively & provoked the community and the agency to strengthen promotion of health services, cultural way of life, and our collective stories as a community. For the technical setup, all the audio from the music performances & general MCing of the event ran into a mixer that supplemented the audio for the live internet stream. One stationary camera was fixed to focus on the people & and then adjusted to the stage when performances were happening. A projector synced with a laptop to post digital visual banners was used to promote the social media site, community engagement, and awareness of the agency’s website. There was also a wireless internet connection with high bandwidth that was used for the live stream connection along with an HD camera & portable field recorder for audio to grab external footage & sound to archive our stories as native people.

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Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly

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Information Technology

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Capacity building or empowerment, Other(please specify)


Name: Christopher Yepez
Site or Location Name: American Indian Health & Family Services
4880 Lawndale
Detroit, MI 48210
Phone: 3138463718

Primary Contact Name: Christopher Yepez
Phone: 3138463718