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Family Effectiveness Training [FET]

Program Type: Evidence Based Practice - Programs formally evaluated to be effective, sometimes called "Best Practices", that can be replicated and implemented, even with modifications in other settings

Family Effectiveness Training [FET] is a culturally competent evidence based practice with model designation by SAMHSA. FET is a prevention/ early intervention model, effective in reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors for children and adolescents who are at risk for substance abuse and related disruptive behaviors. A family-based program originally developed for Hispanics, it has been adapted for Native American and African American populations. Family Effectiveness Training, while tested with preadolescents ages 6 to 12, can be applied to other ages as long as the target use is in the prevention/early intervention stage. It targets three family factors that place children at risk: 1] problems in family functioning, 2] parent-child conflicts, and 3] intergenerational / cultural conflicts between children and parents. During 13 family sessions, the goals of FET are: a] to strengthen families as they adapt to cultural and developmental challenges, b] increase substance abuse resistance, c] increase family cohesiveness, and d] bridge the culture gap between parents and children. The program blends three components: Brief Strategic Family Therapy [BSFT], Family Development, and Bicultural Effectiveness Training.

Age Group(s):
Children, Adolescents

Site Type(s):
Community, Clinic/Health Center, Hospital, Home

Health Indicator(s):
Substance Abuse

Service Area:

Alcohol/substance abuse prevention, Behavioral health/behavioral change, Capacity building or empowerment, Drug abuse prevention, Lifestyle coaching


Overall Cost: $35,000.00

Name: Olga E. Hervis
Site or Location Name: Family Therapy Training Institute of Miami
1221 Brickell Ave
9th Floor
Miami, FL 33131
Phone: 888-527-3828

Primary Contact Name: Olga E. Hervis
Phone: 888-527-3828