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IHS Comprehensive Health Care Facility-Touch Your Enemy Learning Center

Program Type: Local Effort - Programs and/or activities that have not been evaluated but are identified by local programs as producing positive results.

The Touch Your Enemy (TYE) Learning Center is an initiative that was created by a group of caring and compassionate staff members at the IHS CHCF, Winnebago, NE who want to make a major difference in how health care education is offered and delivered to the tribal community. This unique approach provides educational, spiritual, recreational, health, and social programs to educate residents of all ages within our local community. The education is provided through all means in which people learn—visual, audio, hands-on. This is offered through the effective use of video, computer, telehealth, reading materials, and instructor led training.

The idea behind the TYE Learning Center came from the following: Warfare is a very real part of the culture of our tribal ancestors. In today’s health arena, tribal people are battling a different kind of war which requires a different kind of warrior—a war against chronic diseases. This requires different ways of gathering strength and respect. However different, what remains the same is that we fight for honor, respect, protection, and longevity. Many times during warfare there were no deaths because the focus was on respect, honor, and proving yourself. The most courageous act one could accomplish during war, was to physically touch your enemy without killing them, rendering them troubled and distraught at the thought of knowing death was so close yet did not happen—one of the greatest signs of bravery.

The learning center is operated by the staff from all of the local health and educational programs in conjunction with tribal governmental agencies, businesses, vocational education programs, institutions of higher education, community colleges, cultural traditional healings, recreational, tribal elders, and other community and human service entities.

Together—as ONE – we will make great strides to prevent chronic diseases in our people.

The TYE Learning Center is scheduled three months out. This allows programs to showcase their special services through:

  1. Health and Education
  2. Recruitment and Retention
  3. Assessment and Monitoring
  4. Promotion and Prevention
  5. Traditional Teachings, Song, and Dance
Winnebago IHS and Winnebago Tribal programs share the same vision in promoting disease prevention and providing educational tools to arrest the progression of any disease processes for the overall health and well-being of our community. We recognize that chronic disease affects the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical realms of ourselves, our families, and our community.

Note: Evaluation materials were not available for review at the time of submission. Once evaluation materials are available, this note will be removed.

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Infants, Toddlers, Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly

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Community, Clinic/Health Center, Hospital, Other: Tribal

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Name: Sherriann Moore
Site or Location Name: IHS Comprehensive Health Care Facility
P.O. Box HH, Hwy, 75/77
Winnebago, NE 68071
Phone: 402-878-2231