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American Indian Health Service of Chicago , INC.

Program Type: Local Effort - Programs and/or activities that have not been evaluated but are identified by local programs as producing positive results.

Diabetes Test Reminders: Many of our patients are not returning in a timely manner for important diabetes tests, such as AIC, microalbumin, dilated eye exam, cholesterol screening, kidney function tests.

We decided to try sending out ticklers to remind patients that tests were needed, and how important these tests were for diabetic patients, in hopes that this would increase compliance. The tickler method is being used to remind patients of Pap smears and have been very effective.

Charts reviewed for 87 diabetic patients and letters sent to the 57 patients who needed tests. Letters also included information about flu shots and upcoming diabetes classes. The other 30 patients also received letters about diabetes classes and importance of flu shots.

Charts will be reviewed again in January to see if mailings are an effective method to increase compliance in this area.

Flu shot availability notification:

Letters were sent to 97 diabetic patients informing them of flu shot availability at American Indian Health Services of Chicago, and why it is important for diabetics to get the flu shot. We will compare number of flu shots given to diabetics this year as compared to previous year to see if this is effective.

Age Group(s):
Adults, Elderly

Site Type(s):
Clinic/Health Center, Hospital

Health Indicator(s):
Diabetes , Information Technology

Service Area:

Health promotion and wellness


Name: Beth Kleren, RN
Site or Location Name: American Indian Health Service of Chicago , INC
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