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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Environmental Sustainability


The Indian Health Service participates in several Department of Health and Human Services Sustainability Workgroups. Please contact these individuals for support and information regarding the specific focus areas.

Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)
Gary Hartz

Electronics Stewardship
Matt Parkinson

Communications and Outreach
Clint Curtis

Deputy CSO
Gordon Delchamps

Energy Management; Water Conservation; Greenhouse Gas Scope 1&2
Rick Wermers

Environmental Management Systems
David McMahon

Greenhouse Gas Scope 2: Fleet Manager
Patricia Spuck

Greenhouse Gas Scope 3: Telework
Loa Girty

NEPA/Environmental Manager
Steve Aoyama

Green Buildings
Joe Bermes

Sustainable Purchasing
Stephen Yuter

Sustainable Planning Manager
Steve Raynor

Pollution Prevention
Kelly Taylor