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Mission, Vision and Core Values


In partnership with American Indians and Alaska Natives, to raise their Physical, Mental, Social, Environmental and Spiritual Health to the highest level. IHS exists because if Indian Tribes and we are here to serve Indian Patients.


Billings Area will be the Flagship of Indian health care in terms of Quality, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Customer Service, & Patient Satisfaction.

Core Values

Commitment to Patients
Improve clinic efficiencies; provide high quality care, monitor workload, improve access, reduce waiting times, and increase revenue. Provide outstanding service and meet the needs of our patients and community with compassion.

Commitment to Customer Service
Provide outstanding customer service to our patients and the community. Anticipate patient needs and be passionate in gaining their trust for the care we provide. Continually measure out customer service expectations.

Commitment to our Employees
Improve the work environment for all employees. Assure employees are appreciated, valued, respected, and included in program operations.

Commitment to Tribal Consultation
Assure tribal participation, communication, and involvement in Indian Health Service activities and programs. Assure programs and systems are built around the principles of cultural sensitivity, tribal sovereignty, and trust responsibility.