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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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Labor Management Relations Council


Thumbnail - clicking will open full size image - LMRC Charter Signing Ceremony

The Indian Health Service (IHS) Labor Management Relations Council (LMRC) provides a forum for managers, employees, and employees' Union representatives to discuss operations; promote satisfactory labor relations; and improve the productivity and effectiveness of the IHS. The development of the IHS LMRC meets the spirit and intent of Executive Order 13522, Creating Labor-Management Forums to Improve Delivery of Government Services.


National LMRC Membership Roster

Lisa Gyorda - Management
Etta Anderson - LIUNA Council Business Manager

Management Representatives
Ron Cornelius - Area Director Representative, Great Plains Area
James Driving Hawk - Area Executive Officer Representative, Phoenix Area
Ronald Baron - IHS Labor Relations Officer, IHS
Lisa Gyorda - Acting Director, OHR
Michael Weahkee - CEO, PIMC

Union Representatives

American Federation of Government Employees
Tammy Wilson - AFGE Representative (local President), Claremore Indian Hospital

Laborer's International Union of North America
Etta Anderson - LIUNA/IHS Council Representative
Carol Ratliff - Oklahoma Area LIUNA Representative
Charles Wasil - Local 1396 Business Manager; LIUNA/IHS Council President
Jeff Hemp - LIUNA/IHS Council Representative
Patrick Bennett - LIUNA/IHS Council Representative
Avis Kellerhuis - LIUNA/IHS Council Representative
Fernando Nakai - LIUNA/IHS Council Representative

National Federation of Federal Employees
Jody Guardipee


Lu Ann Glaser - FMCS Facilitator

Taker of Minutes
Ronald Baron - IHS Labor Relations Officer