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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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Office of Human Resources

Immediate Office of Human Resources  |  Client Services  |  Workforce Relations  |  Strategic Programs  |  Employee Development

Immediate Office of Human Resources

Lisa Gyorda Acting Director 301-443-6520 Rockville, MD
Duane Phillips Acting Director, Division of Workforce Relations and Policy 301-443-6520 Rockville, MD
Loa Girty HR Specialist (HR Policy) 240-338-4183 Oklahoma City, OK
L. Scott Howard HR Assistant 301-443-5866 Rockville, MD
Stephanie Klingenberg HR Specialist (SES Program Manager) 301-443-6520 Rockville, MD
Jennifer Fry Division Director, Division of Human Resources Operations and Systems 301-443-3853 Rockville, MD
Erin N. Vandover Staff Assistant 301-443-6520 Rockville, MD
Latoya Smith-Butler Pathways Student 301-443-6520 Rockville, MD

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Client Services

David Kirchner Chief of HQ Client Services Branch 301-443-3854 Rockville, MD
Jason Begay HR Specialist 301-443-2830 Rockville, MD
Michelle Bowser-Aguilar HR Specialist 301-443-0847 Rockville, MD
Mary Drapeaux HR Specialist (Staffing) 301-443-4255 Rockville, MD
Pamela Johnson HR Specialist (Classification) 928-871-7422 Window Rock, AZ
Jaki Baha-Alchesay HR Specialist 301-443-5112 Rockville, MD
Reanetta Siquieros HR Specialist (Compensation and Benefits 301-945-3629 Rockville, MD
Pauline Hoffman HR Specialist (Compensation and Benefits) 301-443-1160 Rockville, MD
Kimberly Eteeyan HR Specialist (Compensation and Benefits) 301-443-7042 Rockville, MD

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Workforce Relations

Ron Baron HR Specialist (LR) 301-443-1671 Rockville, MD
Clayton Brewer HR Specialist (ER) 206-617-1023 San Antonio, TX
Christine Hoskins HR Specialist (Classification) 301-443-5878 Rockville, MD
Nnenna Uzochukwu Staffing Officer 301-443-7272 Rockville, MD
Verly Fairbanks Program Analyst 301-443-1876 Rockville, MD
Frank Peratrovich Program Analyst 301-443-7092 Rockville, MD

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Strategic Programs

Janelle Langland Director, Divison of Human Resources Operations and Systems 301-256-7891 Portland, OR
Marjorie Ashley HR Specialist (HRIT) 928-871-1364 Window Rock, AZ
Janel Bird HR Specialist (HRIT) 240-338-8561 Browning, MT

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Employee Development

Coretta Jefferson HR Specialist (Training Officer) 301-443-4178 Rockville, MD

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