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Navajo Region

Regional Human Resource Director:
Oversees all regional activity, provides advice to top level mangers, and addresses policy issues.

Client Services:
Classification, staffing, placement, processing, pay administration, scholarship program, employee orientation & exit interviews.

Workforce Relations:
Labor management, performance, conduct, benefits, suitability, payroll problems, other employee services, training

Strategic Planning:
Human capital management & succession planning, reporting on HR accomplishments relative to the IHS Director’s performance plan.

Regional Director & Staff  |  Client Services  |  Workforce Relations  |  Strategic Programs

Regional Director & Staff

Gerald W. Jochem Director 928-871-1356 Window Rock, AZ
Iva Hoskie Secretary 928-871-5834 Window Rock, AZ

Client Services

Genieva Becenti Supv HR Spec 928-871-1361 Window Rock, AZ
Karen Lee Supv HR Spec 505-722-1281 Gallup, NM
Gloria Redhorse-Charley Supv HR Spec 505-368-6095 Shiprock, NM
Christina Bitsilly Supv HR Spec 505-786-6464 Crownpoint, NM
Lorraine Smith Supv HR Spec 928-674-7033 Chinle, AZ
Melissa Stanley Supv HR Spec 928-697-4236 Kayenta, AZ
Renae Ayze HR Spec Recrt/Plcmt 928-674-7034 Chinle, AZ
Margaret Begay HR Spec Recrt/Plcmt 505-368-6091 Shiprock, NM
Irene Benallie HR Spec Recrt/Plcmt 505-722-8720 Gallup, NM
Berlincia Benally HR Spec Recrt/Plcmt 505-786-6201 Crownpoint, NM
Arlene Big HR Spec Recrt/Plcmt 928-697-4323 Kayenta, AZ
Byron Blue Eyes HR Spec Recrt/Plcmt 505-368-6051 Shiprock, NM
Marcheta Denny HR Spec Recrt/Plcmt 928-674-7031 Chinle, AZ
Valerie Frank HR Spec Recrt/Plcmt 928-674-7585 Chinle, AZ
Beverly Denny HR Spec Recrt/Plcmt 928-656-5013 Red Mesa, AZ
Sarah Morgan HR Spec Recrt/Plcmt 505-722-1460 Gallup, NM
Helen Laughing HR Spec Recrt/Plcmt 505-726-8698 Gallup, NM
Julia Nelson HR Spec Recrt/Plcmt 505-722-1415 Gallup, NM
Victoria Pablo HR Spec Recrt/Plcmt 505-768-6213 Crownpoint, NM
Angela Segay HR Spec Recrt/Plcmt 928-871-1421 Window Rock, AZ
Geraldine Thompson HR Spec Recrt/Plcmt 928-871-1368 Window Rock, AZ
Paula Williams HR Spec Recrt/Plcmt 928-656-5010 Red Mesa, AZ
Cecelia Yazzie HR Spec Recrt/Plcmt 928-871-1452 Window Rock, AZ
Orlando Begay HR Spec Recrt/Plcmt 505-368-7048 Shiprock, NM
Linda DeWolfe HR Spec Recrt/Plcmt 928-871-1319 Window Rock, AZ
Rita Kirwin HR Spec Class 505-722-1416 Gallup, NM
Bernita Lester HR Spec Class 928-674-7032 Chinle, AZ
Verna Scott HR Spec Class 928-729-8264 Ft. Defiance, AZ
Roberta Clyde HR Spec Class 505-368-6097 Shiprock, NM
Orlondo Haven HR Spec Class 505-368-6096 Shiprock, NM
Dwayne Antonio HR Spec Compensation 505-722-1369 Gallup, NM
Bernice Harvey HR Spec Compensation 928-674-7416 Chinle, AZ
Lorraine Daniels Civilian Payroll Tech 505-368-2528 Crownpoint, NM
Victoria Begay Civilian Payroll Tech 928-697-4239 Kayenta, AZ
Gloria Smith Civilian Payroll Tech 928-674-7416 Chinle, AZ
Virginia Upshaw Civilian Payroll Tech 505-722-1391 Gallup, NM
Yolanda DeVore Civilian Payroll Tech 928-871-5831 Window Rock, AZ
Elouise Billie HR Assist 505-368-6094 Shiprock, NM
Jill Curley HR Assist 928-283-2517 Tuba City, AZ
Darlene Fuller HR Assist 928-697-4355 Kayenta, AZ
Rochelle Yazzie HR Assist 505-722-1412 Gallup, NM
Anslem James Office Automation Asst 505-722-1412 Gallup, NM

Workforce Relations

Larrisa Emerson Supv HR Spec ER/LR 928-871-1357 Window Rock, AZ
Emanuel Allen HR Spec ER/LR 505-368-6098 Shiprock, NM
Jeffry Baloo HR Spec ER/LR 928-674-7834 Chinle, AZ
Pauline Holona HR Spec ER/LR 505-722-1413 Gallup, NM
Lucinda Bahe HR Assist Benefits 505-722-1445 Gallup, NM
Elisha Baldwin-Lewis HR Assist Benefits 928-871-1339 Window Rock, AZ
Verna Collins HR Assist Benefits 505-368-6092 Shiprock, NM
Lavina Hunter HR Assist Benefits 928-674-7319 Chinle, AZ

Strategic Programs

Roselinda White Supv. HR Spec. 928-871-1358 Window Rock, AZ
Aletha Jamie John HR Specialist 928-871-1360 Window Rock, AZ