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Northern Plains

Northern Plains Region

Regional Human Resource Director: oversees all regional activity, provides advice to top level mangers, and addresses policy issues.


Regional Director & Staff

Alice LaFontaine Director 605-226-7213 Aberdeen, SD
Denise Brave Heart Administrative Support Assistant 605-226-7553 Aberdeen, SD
Lorin Howard HRS Class/Staffing 218-444-0456 Bemidji, MN
Tracey Bement Supv HRS Class/Staffing 406-247-7210 Billings, MT
Troy Bad Moccasin Supv HRS Staffing 605-226-7217 Aberdeen, SD
Evelyn Nez Lead HR HR Spec Staffing 605-226-7209 Aberdeen, SD
Donna Belgarde HRS Staffing 701-477-8434 Belcourt, ND
Troy Roach-Briggs HRS Staffing 605-867-3012 Pine Ridge, SD
Jackie Black HRS Staffing (IS/Staffing) 406-247-7214 Billings, MT
Isaiah Franklin HRS Staffing 605-226-7806 Aberdeen, SD
Elizabeth St. Claire HR Spec Staffing 218-983-6205 White Earth, MN
Vina Conroy HRS Staffing 605-355-2282 Rapid City, SD
Bernice Scalpcane HRS Staffing 406-247-7216 Billings, MT
Tamara McClammy HR Spec Staffing 605-226-7558 Aberdeen, SD
Christine Powell HR Spec Staffing 406-338-6448 Browning, MT
Sharon Hoffman Supv HRS (Comp) 605-226-7325 Aberdeen, SD
Derek Brewer Civilian Payroll Tech 605-226-7324 Aberdeen, SD
Winona Hagen Civilian Payroll Tech 605-226-7229 Aberdeen, SD
Aryn Kaline Civilian Payroll Tech 406-247-7211 Billings, MT
Robert Lawrence HRS Class 605-964-0635 Eagle Butte, SD
Chad Olson HRS Class 605-226-7557 Aberdeen, SD
Cody Clark HRA Class 605-226-7563 Aberdeen, SD
Jolene Around Him HRA Staffing 605-455-8211 Kyle, SD
Kaycee Neal HRS Staffing 406-247-7217 Billings, MT
Vanessa Peralta HRA Staffing 218-444-0471 Bemidji, MN
Janell Ward HRS Staffing 605-964-0510 Eagle Butte, SD
Melissa Loebs Supv HRS (Emp Serv) 605-226-7799 Aberdeen, SD
Gregory Klein HRS ER/LR 605-226-7202 Aberdeen, SD
Robby Chasing Hawk HRA (Empl Serv) 605-226-7564 Aberdeen, SD
Michelle LaRoche HRA (Emp Serv) Lead 605-226-7560 Aberdeen, SD
John Fleury HRA (Emp Serv) 605-226-7773 Aberdeen, SD
Lynsee Azure HRA (Emp Serv) 605-226-7607 Aberdeen, SD
Kimmen LeBeau Administrative Spec (Ethics) 605-226-7805 Aberdeen, SD
Dawn Wilkie HRS ER/LR 701-420-9203 Minot, ND
Delon Rockabove Administrative Spec (Ethics) 406-247-7215 Billings, MT
Shelly MacDonald HRS Staffing 406-247-7196 Billings, MT
Audrey Black Eagle HRA Benefits 406-247-7212 Billings, MT
Carol White HRA Benefits 218-444-0487 Bemidji, MN
Heather Dow HRS Staffing 605-747-3310 Rosebud, SD
Cindy Bedeau HRA Staffing 218-444-0493 Bemidji, MN
Tonya Tiger HRA (Emp Serv) 605-226-7559 Aberdeen, SD
Melissa Ragels Supv HRS 406-247-7213 Billings, MT
Liana Nez Perce HRA Staffing 406-247-7219 Billings, MT