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Environmental Health Support Center Training
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ID: 1435
Category: EHS-Environmental Health Services
Dates: 2/12/13-2/14/13
Location: Aberdeen, SD
Description: The purpose of this 3 day course is to provide a comprehensive overview of the plan review process with an emphasis on equipment and architectural design. The plan review process is based on menu and food preparation procedures with the end goal of reducing foodborne illnesses resulting from poor facility design. Methods of instruction include lectures with hands-on group exercises and discussion to reinforce basic concepts.
Learning Outcomes: Learning Outcomes: • Evaluate a food establishment for compromises in food safety based on the code, public health rationale and science • Demonstrate an ability to read blueprints • Apply requirements found in the Plan Review Guide to identify health hazards and make corrective recommendations related to ventilation, plumbing, finishing, lighting, equipment and storage •Write stipulations and communicate hazards to facility managers through applying the requirements found in the Plan Review Guide
Prerequisites: Familiarity with the Food Code is desireable.
Instructors: NA
CEU: 0 - FDA provides certificate
Status: Completed