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ID: 1445
Category: SFC-Sanitation Facilities Construction
Dates: 2/25/13-2/28/13
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Description: Understanding subsurface soil conditions is critical in the successful design and operation of onsite wastewater treatment systems. This course will provide instruction on the basics of soil and site condition evaluation, design criteria, wastewater characteristics, operation and maintenance, system renovation, and monitoring and inspecting for onsite wastewater disposal systems. There will be practical application of lecture information and daily quizzes. Concepts will be illustrated with use of lab-scale soil/water models and hands-on soil characterization exercises.
Learning Outcomes: • Prepare a soil profile description • Interpret soil descriptive information for moisture regime, linear loading rate, wastewater infiltrative rate, infiltration area configuration, and treatment • Select design based on soil information • Estimate wastewater flow and qualities • Select pumps for pressure distribution • Design a distribution system • Design a mound or at-grade system • Set and operation and maintenance plan
Prerequisites: None
Instructors: NA
Agenda File: Onsite WW Agenda_Jan 2011.pdf
CEU: 3 -
Status: Completed