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ID: 1446
Category: O&M-Operations and Maintenance
Dates: 3/5/13-3/7/13
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Description: Designed as the follow-up course to "Electrical Controls for Utility Operators", this three-day course provides hands-on training in pumps and pumping system operation and repair. Student exercises reinforce and build skills in pump components and trouble-shooting techniques using actual pumping equipment for disassembly and demonstration purposes. Inclusion of electrical control panels builds on elements of previous courses to allow troubleshooting exercises using complete, operational water pumping systems.
Learning Outcomes: • Define basic energy and pumping terms, including elevation head, pressure head, velocity head, headloss, suction head, and suction lift. • Learn common pump and motor nomenclature and be able to identify pump types and pump, motor, and controls components and equipment • Develop troubleshooting skills through course exercises and demonstrations. • Recognize common safety hazards when working with pumps and control panels • Discuss the importance of pumping recordkeeping and how to effectively interpret data
Prerequisites: Electrical Controls and Pumps & Pumping Systems recommended.
Instructors: NA
Agenda File: Agenda_Pumps_and_Pumping_Sys1.pdf
CEU: 2 -
Status: Completed