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ID: 1450
Category: O&M-Operations and Maintenance
Dates: 6/4/13-6/6/13
Location: Billings, MT
Description: This course provides operational knowledge of basic electrical concepts and exposure to common electrical components used in water and sewer utility control systems. In this popular course, operators learn to use electrical meters and apply elementary trouble shooting techniques while constructing and testing actual pump control panels. This course relies heavily on hands-on activities and classroom participation.
Learning Outcomes: • Define basic electrical concepts and definitions for power, voltage, current, and resistance • Identify the components of a basic pump control panel and how to assemble the components • Safely and correctly use a multi meter and amp meter to troubleshoot a control panel • Recognize common electrical safety hazards on the job site • Interpret basic wiring diagrams and set up wiring for basic circuit panels • Apply systematic electrical troubleshooting methods to basic pump and control panels
Prerequisites: Tuition will be charged to attendees from compacted Tribes that have taken their training shares, contractors, and employees of other federal agencies/federally funded organizations.
Instructors: NA
Agenda File: AGENDA.pdf
CEU: 2 - test info
Status: Completed