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ID: 1451
Category: -
Dates: 6/11/13-6/12/13
Location: Flagstaff, AZ
Description: Lagoon operators will learn new methods and strategies to optimize lagoon performance and keep their lagoon system in compliance. Topics include wastewater lagoon microbiology, diagnosing and troubleshooting BOD and TSS problems, sludge accumulation and removal, pond hydraulics, troubleshooting aeration and dissolved oxygen problems, pathogen control, maintenance, and cold weather operations.
Learning Outcomes: • List five things an operator must know to troubleshoot or optimize a lagoon. • Describe lagoon colors and their meaning. • Recognize signs indicating that is time to remove sludge and describe how to de-sludge a pond. • Calculate theoretical retention time and recognize causes of short-circuiting • Recognize how dissolved oxygen changes in a lagoon and why it is important • List five things EPA inspectors are looking for when examining your lagoon
Prerequisites: None
Instructors: H&S Environmental  
Agenda File: 2-day Workshop Agenda for IHS Lagoon Op.pdf
CEU: 1.3 -
Status: Completed