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ID: 1465
Category: SFC-Sanitation Facilities Construction
Dates: 4/30/13-5/2/13
Location: Edina, MN
Description: This is a refresher course for experienced AutoCAD Civil 3D users. Civil 3D supports a wide range of survey and civil engineering tasks. Civil 3D creates intelligent relationships between objects so that design changes can be dynamically updated. You will review techniques enabling you to organize project data, work with points, create and analyze surfaces, perform grading and volume calculations, lay out pipe networks, import/export data, and work with the current IHS SFC template. This course uses extensive hands-on instruction to teach the essential AutoCAD Civil 3D concepts and applications. Prospective students will complete a pre-assessment test to determine skill level before his/her registration is approved. Note: IHS SFC staff has registration priority.
Learning Outcomes: • Learn Civil 3D 2018 design tools that are applicable to designing features of typical IHS SFC projects including waterlines, sewerlines, and lagoons. • Create and manage points and point groups, create and analyze surfaces, create alignments and profiles, and layout pipe networks
Prerequisites: Registrants should have a sound working knowledge of AutoCAD 2018 fundamentals and Civil 3D 2018 fundamentals, civil engineering practices and terminology, and access to Civil 3D 2018 outside of the classroom.
Instructors: NA
CEU: 0 - Certificates of Completion will be issued
Status: Completed