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ID: 1473
Category: -
Dates: 3/11/13-3/13/13
Location: St. Cloud, MN
Description: This course is designed to train small water system operators to understand the theory, design and operation of water filtration facilities, including both gravity and pressure filtration systems. Topics will include when and how to backwash, what parameters to monitor, application of water analysis and testing procedures, the various methods available to aerate water supplies, chemical addition options to assist in the filtration process, basic water chemistry and water quality impacts on filtration, the effects of ammonia and total organic carbon on the disinfection process and water stability.
Learning Outcomes: • Identify components and application in a filtration system. • Demonstrate ability to backwash a filter. • Establish parameters/guidelines for filter wash cycles. • Identify and demonstrate chemicals & chemical addition methods for the removal of iron and manganese and arsenic. • Perform mathematical calculations to establish solution strength and dosage requirements for water supplies. • Understand the chemistry of chlorine demand caused by ammonia and organic materials in raw water and the potential for disinfection by-products. • Discuss the lead and copper rule and the relationship with water stability
Prerequisites: None
Instructors: NA
Agenda File: Water Filtration Plant Operation - Draft Agenda 083112.pdf
CEU: 1.8 -
Status: Completed