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Environmental Health Support Center Training
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ID: 1481
Category: -
Dates: 8/27/13-8/29/13
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Description: This 3 day interactive workshop is dedicated to identifying, assessing, and developing public health leadership competencies: emotional intelligence, cultural awareness, conflict management, project team dynamics, and presentation skills. Attendees will complete a pre-workshop Myers Briggs Type II Personality Assessment and the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode instrument. Presentations on public health project successes, challenges, and strategies will be made by HHS and USPHS leaders. The workshop is designed to meet the 16 hour competency training requirement for Level I and II FAC-P/PM certification. Seating is limited.
Learning Outcomes: Discuss the science and application of emotional intelligence and the integration into personal development and project team membership Explain the importance of personality type in the workplace and on project teams Describe cultural awareness and the potential impacts on interactions with public health project stakeholders and multi-cultural project teams Identify different conflict modes and how these modes can be leveraged for project team performance: and Create a working model for successful cross-cultural public health project teams.
Prerequisites: None
Instructors: NA
CEU: 1.8 -
Status: Completed