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Environmental Health Support Center Training
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ID: 1488
Category: -
Dates: 3/12/13-3/12/13
Location: Webinar: 1 - 2 PM EST
Description: IHS has put together an Integrated Pest Management [IPM] Program which provides free pest and pesticide consultations and technical assistance to tribes in WA, OR and ID. In partnership with the tribe, IHS will conduct pest management and pesticide risk assessments to determine 1] what and where the problems or risks may be and 2] what is the most efficient and safest way to address those problems or risks.
Learning Outcomes: 1.Increase knowledge of the impacts pests and pesticides have on human health and the environment 2. Describe what Integrated Pest Management [IPM] is and how it can be used at home and work 3. Explore the benefits, strengths and challenges of implementing IPM 4. Explain the current Interagency Agreement the Portland Area Office has with Region 10 EPA to work with tribes in WA, OR and ID to reduce the health and environmental impacts of pests and pesticides
Prerequisites: None
Instructors: NA
CEU: 0 -
Status: Completed