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ID: 1498
Category: -
Dates: 7/21/14-7/25/14
Location: Portland, OR
Description: This 40-hour course will cover COR refresher, acquisition-related, contracting, and appropriations law topics. Eight hours will be dedicated to a refresher on Federal Appropriations Law. There will be after-class assignments along with a pass/fail exam at the end of the course. PLEASE NOTE: Course has been accepted by the IHS ACM as meeting the 40-hour CLP training requirement under Appendix F, Part D of the FAC COR Handbook 2012. Handbook can be found at CORs must apply for recertification by documenting both their training and experience [Handbook Appendices F and G] in the application per “Recertification” instructions found on page 19.
Learning Outcomes: Identify changes to the FAC COR certification process - List application requirements for recertification. - Recognize that selection procedures may be customized to an acquisition. - Perform market research, recommend an appropriate contract type, and link work statement requirements to developing evaluation criteria. - Develop customized selection criteria, proposal instructions, and an evaluation plan covering panel composition and assignments, evaluation activities and timeframes, a scoring/grading scheme, and evaluator worksheets. - Evaluate technical proposals, work out a consensus, and present supportable findings and recommendations. - and review necessary cost and pricing data. - Support competitive range determinations and negotiations. - Develop a quality assurance surveillance plan and apply a progress monitoring system. - Issue timely and proper technical directions including service requests, submittal approvals, and technical clarifications. - Recognize and avoid unauthorized changes. - Develop and foster a proper COR/contractor partnership including, for onsite contactors, a suitable working environment. - Identify and apply GAO Red Book "Principles of Federal Appropriations Law".
Prerequisites: Must already be a certified at the FAC COR Level II.
Instructors: TBA  
Agenda File: FAC-COR Level II Recert w Approp.pdf
CEU: 4 - 40 CLPs towards COR Certification
Status: Completed