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ID: 1520
Category: -
Dates: 6/25/13-6/25/13
Location: Tucson, AZ
Description: This 1-day course presents an overview of the contracting process, key contracting policies, and the role of the COR. It is designed for technical personnel who are assigned to noncomplex, low-risk contracts and/or whose only involvement in the contracting process is to assist their organization in assessing the technical merit and price reasonableness of competitive proposals. This class is approved by IHS ACM as meeting Level I training requirement for 8 hrs COR training per COR Handbook dated JAN 2012
Learning Outcomes: Define the acquisition process, key terms, and responsibilities. Identify elements of a complete procurement request package. Distinguish different methods of procurement in terms of when and how they are used. Recognize key policies that affect their contributions to an acquisition. Identify the key elements of a statement of work for support services. Define the project scope and prepare a set of tasks. Identify deliverables, specifications, and standards. Format, edit, and adjust requirements, where needed. Prepare for technical management of a contract/order including obtaining and reviewing a COR appointment letter. Issue timely services requests and avoid unauthorized assignments and personal service arrangements. Conduct quality oversight of contractor performance inspect/accept deliveries and document their findings and recommendations. Review and approve technical submittals. Process payment requests under fixed-price and time-and-materials contracts, and conduct an adequate review to ensure proper technical certification of contractor requests for payments.
Prerequisites: Seeking Level I FAC COR certification
Instructors: TBA  
Agenda File: COR Level I Flier - IHS1.pdf
CEU: 8 - CLPs
Status: Completed