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ID: 1521
Category: -
Dates: 6/26/13-6/27/13
Location: Tucson, AZ
Description: This course provides participants a framework for identifying and resolving appropriations law issues that arise in their own line of work. It focuses on the availability of appropriations as to purpose, amount, and time. It also explains [i] basic constitutional and legislative controls and processes affecting federal funds [ii]fiscal law terminology [iii] fundamental rules of statutory construction [iv] the concept of “obligation” in appropriations law and [v] application of appropriations law to interagency transactions. This course is approved by the IHS ACM as meeting the 16 hr Appropriations Law training requirement for both Level I and II per FAC COR Handbook dated JAN 2012.
Learning Outcomes: Cite basic laws and controls that are embodied in the Constitution and major statutes. ? Identify processes applicable to budget formulation, annual appropriations, budget execution and control, apportionment and allotment. obligating and disbursing funds, impoundment and account closing. ? Know and apply correctly fiscal law terminology, classification and principles of statutory construction. ? Recognize and correctly apply rules governing availability of appropriations relating to purpose, amount, and time. ? Employ a three-step analysis to determining "purpose." ? Apply the necessary expense rule. ? Apply statutory purpose restrictions and use of other available appropriations, ? Apply the Antideficiency Act provisions including exceptions, sanctions and applications. ? Apply the rule against augmentation and the provisions of the Miscellaneous Receipts Act. ? Apply rules of availability based upon "time" including appropriate classification bona fide needs rule [fiscal year needs, exceptions, and applications] prohibition on advance payments [and exceptions] and appropriation account closing. ? Determine appropriate obligation involving interagency transactions.
Prerequisites: None
Instructors: TBA  
Agenda File: FAL Flier.pdf
CEU: 16 - CLPs for Level I and II COR Cert
Status: Completed