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Environmental Health Support Center Training
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ID: 1523
Category: -
Dates: 8/27/13-8/29/13
Location: Online
Description: This workshop will be presented in a virtual classroom setup. It is intended to provide information to project managers/coordinators in applying the NEPA process to Indian Health Service [IHS] programs. The Environmental Review Manual for IHS Programs will be reviewed and applied to example case studies. Topics include disclosure of impacts, three levels of NEPA documentation, categorical exclusions, IHS environmental checklist, and an overview of CEQ chapters for an EIS and EA with application to IHS projects. It is highly recommended that IHS or Tribal engineers and project managers working on projects within the Sanitation Facilities Construction [SFC] program and Healthcare Facilities program attend.
Learning Outcomes: Attendees will 1]explain the National Environmental Policy Act, its requirements and regulations 2]identify how to apply NEPA process to comply with the intent of the law and IHS Environmental Review Manual, 3]recognize how NEPA affects project planning and decision-making, 4] Implement the Council on Environmental Quality regulations and IHS requirements, 5] Review EA, EIS, ROD, and FONSI for compliance with NEPA, CEQ and IHS requirements, and 6] produce environmental documents using NEPA, CEQ, and IHS approved guidelines.
Prerequisites: None
Instructors: NA
CEU: 1.6 - PDH
Status: Completed