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Environmental Health Support Center Training
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ID: 1531
Category: O&M-Operations and Maintenance
Dates: 12/3/13-12/5/13
Location: Anchorage, AK
Description: This training course provides maintenance personnel with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively disinfect and fluoridate small community water supplies. Lessons include an overview of EPA regulations, chemical safety, and introduction to treatment processes, field analysis, and dosage calculations. Hands-on exercises will emphasize maintenance and troubleshooting of chemical feed pumps.
Learning Outcomes: • Review the federal and IHS guidelines or standards for Fluoridation and Disinfection • Calculate chemical dosages for water treatment • Be able to use HACH colorimeters to field test for Fluoride and Chlorine • Become familiar with common chemical safety hazards on the job site • Be able to identify the chemical feed pump system components • Review the design criteria needed for sizing and selecting a chemical pump • Learn basic troubleshooting and repair of chemical feed pumps
Prerequisites: None
Instructors: Rural & Tribal Envtl Solns  
Agenda File: Disinfection and Fluoridation Agenda Sept 2012.pdf
CEU: 2 -
Status: Completed