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ID: 1532
Category: -
Dates: 9/19/13-9/19/13
Location: Sacramento, CA
Description: This course offers a unique opportunity to learn about the clinical health effects of methamphetamine use and abuse, the hazards of synthesis, health effects of methamphetamines, and clean up and remediation of clandestine laboratories. Childrens health and exposure considerations will also be presented
Learning Outcomes: 1. Describe the state of methamphetamine use and clandestine meth laboratories in the US. 2. Identify the clinical effects of meth and describe the management of acute and chronic toxicity. 3. Describe the law enforcement perspective on methamphetamine in the community. 4. Describe the chemical hazards of methamphetamine synthesis. 5. Identify personal and environmental protection equipment to be used by first responders. 6. Identify the modalities available to treat victims of the clandestine meth lab exposure. 7. Identify the occupational monitoring requirements for responders. 8. Identify the special features to be considered for the evaluation of children found at the scene.
Prerequisites: None
Instructors: NA
Agenda File: ALB_METH_Flyer_Description_20141.pdf
CEU: 0 - 6 Professional Development Hours
Status: Completed