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Environmental Health Support Center Training
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ID: 1537
Category: -
Dates: 12/3/13-12/3/13
Location: Online 1 - 2 PM EDT
Description: Join us to learn more about how you can encourage school audiences to visit the "Dont Mess with Mercury" website, interact with the content, and use the materials to promote protective behaviors that reduce mercury spills and poisoning incidents. The 45-minute presentation will provide a demonstration of the updated website and discuss the current marketing and outreach campaign efforts.
Learning Outcomes: Introduce attendee to achievable best practices. - Give attendee understanding of sustainable practices, as it applies to their work. - Demonstrate how to implement sustainable practices. - Demonstrate community collaboration and the impact of sustainable efforts. - Provide examples of initiatives that display the full spectrum of sustainability efforts
Prerequisites: None
Instructors: TBA  
Agenda File: Participation Instructions.pdf
CEU: 0 -
Status: Completed