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ID: 1539
Category: IP-Injury Prevention
Dates: 11/5/13-11/8/13
Location: Shawnee, OK
Description: This course reviews the basics of data interpretation, coalition building, program planning, evaluation, marketing and advocacy. The course will include multiple hands-on community and computer-based activities.
Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of course, attendees will be able to: 1. Characterize the complex causes of injury. 2. Describe the strategies for coalition maintenance. 3. Demonstrate of web-based data identification tools. 4. Describe basic data collection techniques. 5. Outline process and impact evaluation methods.
Prerequisites: Introduction to Injury Prevention
Instructors: Bales, David   Joplin, Dustin   Morones, Rob   Williams, Don  
Agenda File: LV2 Agenda Tucson_Feb 4_6_2013a1.pdf
CEU: 2.1 -
Status: Completed