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ID: 1540
Category: IEH-Institutional Environmental Health
Dates: 12/10/13-12/12/13
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Description: This three-day course covers the fundamental chapters [Chapters 1-11] of the National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code [NFPA 101, 2012 Edition], plus the chapters for new and existing Healthcare Occupancies [Chapters 18 &19] as well as the chapters for new and existing business occupancies [Chapters 38 & 39]. Students will gain a working knowledge of the code organization and the philosophies behind the code provisions. The course includes instructor-led presentations and student exercises where groups will use the code to locate answers to life safety issues.
Learning Outcomes: 1. Recognize the code arrangement and locate code requirements. 2. Classify occupancies. 3. Identify the components of the means of egress 4. Apply code requirements to mixed occupancies. 5. Explain the differences between travel distance, common path of travel distance, and dead end corridor distance. 6. Calculate occupant loads. 7. Calculate egress capacity. 8. Describe requirements for fire drills and other operational requirements. 9. Identify the number of means of egress and when a single egress is permitted. 10. Recognize when emergency lighting, fire alarm system, or sprinklers are required.
Prerequisites: None
Instructors: Carson Associates, Inc.  
Agenda File: Life Safety Code Agenda.pdf
CEU: 1.8 - Must attend entire class and pass test
Status: Completed