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ID: 1549
Category: O&M-Operations and Maintenance
Dates: 2/4/14-2/6/14
Location: Fairbanks, AK
Description: This 3-day course is intended for water utility personnel who want to develop or improve their knowledge of cross connection control program development, administration, and management to comply with drinking water regulations. Participants will learn how cross connections affect public health, potential risks and liabilities that cross connections raise in water utilities, and how to establish public education programs. They will learn how to set up the necessary administrative authority, estimate program costs, explore funding alternatives, determine inspection priorities, and carry out enforcement actions. They will gain essential, fundamental knowledge about types and causes of backflow, types of backflow prevention assemblies and their applications along with the basics of reviewing drawings and preparing for a cross connection control inspection. Participants will pick up vital information to put to immediate use to develop or improve a utilitys cross connection control program.
Learning Outcomes: •Identify common cross-connections • State causes of backflow • Summarize the public health aspects of cross-connections • Recognize how hydraulic principals allow backflow through cross connections • Determine appropriate type of backflow preventer for the application • Evaluate water uses to establish degree of hazard • Identify acceptable procedures for testing approved backflow prevention assemblies • Apply common repairs to backflow assemblies • Document backflow incidents
Prerequisites: None
Instructors: Patten, Michael  
Agenda File: Cross Connection Control Agenda 110713.pdf
CEU: 1.8 -
Status: Completed